Apple Switches To USB C Ports On New iPad Pros Due For Launch On October 30

Reputable Japanese Apple blog Mac Otakara has once again said that the upcoming two new Apple iPad Pros at 12.9-inches and 10.5 to 11-inches will feature a USB C port from now on.

This will be a pretty substantial move by Apple since a switch from Apple's Lighting port to USB means that the next iPad Pros will be compatible with so much more new accessories, and it should attract a few new types of buyers too who have been on the fence because of the Lightning port before, though it also means the past Lightning port docks and related gear that can't be fitted with a converter plug will become incompatible with the new iPad Pros.

Yesterday Apple themselves announced that they will hold their next large event on October 30 in New York where the new iPad Pros and new Macs are believed to get launched.

– Jim Miller