Android Backup vs Google One Backup – Which is the Best Backup Option for You?

By default, your Android smartphone automatically takes a daily backup of your device, which includes your Android settings, Wi-Fi networks, contacts, apps, photos, passwords, and display preferences. This makes it easy to restore your backup when you get a new phone by signing in to the same Google account.

However, Google recently introduced its premium Google One backup service for regular Google users. So, how does it differ from the native Android Backup? Let's find out.


The main difference between Google One backup and Android backup lies in the way you configure the backup. Android backup is integrated within the Android settings and turned on by default. Your Android device is backed up on a daily basis. On the other hand, Google One is a separate app that you need to download from the Google Play Store. Unlike Android backup, Google One backup isn't automatic. You'll have to manually hit the “Back up now” button whenever you want to backup your Android device.

Backup Contents

So, what's the difference between Android backup and Google One backup if they both back up your Android device? The difference isn't significant. Google One can additionally backup photos, videos, and audio files from your MMS. If you don't use MMS or SMS at all, then it won't make much of a difference to you.

Having said that, some users on Reddit reported that Google One seemed to backup additional “App Data”. Certain apps like PocketCasts were able to retrieve data from Google One backup.

Additional Features

Google One provides a unified platform to overview your Google account storage. When you open the app, you'll see a breakdown of your 15 GB free storage across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. Google One also has a web app that offers similar options, but as of now, you can't see your Android device backup on the web app.


To summarize, Google One doesn't automatically backup your Android device, but it can additionally backup MMS. The Google One app also provides a breakdown of your Google account storage.

After hours of research, it's not entirely clear why Google made Google One free for all Android users. However, one possible reason could be to bypass OEMs and provide a unified backup solution. If you're switching from a Samsung device to a Pixel or Xiaomi device, or from an iPhone to Android, Google One is the right option for you.

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