Americans Want Tablets and Laptops For Valentine’s Day

In a recently conducted survey for Ebates three days ago it was revealed that 95% of the population in the US intends to provide gifts for their loved ones and dear ones on Valentine's Day, and that the most popular gifts, or rather, the most popular gift wishes for Valentine's Day in 2015 are laptops and tablets in second and third place, only beaten by the wish for a special night out, which came in first place as the most popular wish.

According to the survey, 19% want laptops this year, while 16% want a tablet. Both of which are good technologies for communication with your significant other too, so if you buy one, that's not a bad move in any way.

When people were asked how much money they planed to spend, 43% said they planned to spend less than $50, while 33% planned to spend between $50 and $100. You can get a very likable tablet for $99, and if you are lucky, maybe even one on sale for $79, but not any less if you want to show your appreciation of someone.

Valentine's Day 2015 Gift Ideas Tablets

11% said they planned to spend $100 to $250, so at least they have a pretty good choice in tablet gifts for Valentine's Day 2015. And then the 5% who say they will spend from $250 and upwards have a lot of great tablets to chose from, with any OS and any kind of special feature.

Very popular tablets that are on sale at the moment are Fire HD 6 at only $84 today, or the Fire HD 7, currently cut by $25, or the Asus MeMO Pad 7 at $89 this week.

Or if you prefer Windows 8.1 tablets the bestseller HP Stream 7 is also on sale for around $95. The outstanding Surface Pro 3 is also on sale with $100 officon for one week, and with a free sleeve included as well. But for Valentine's Day this tablet is out of most people's league. But those who do buy one as a gift will send a pretty strong message.

For those want to go for a budget friendly laptop, the new HP Stream latops have become very popular the last 2 months, and they can be had for under $199 too.

HP Stream laptops
HP Stream laptops

– Jim Miller