All The Best July Tablet Deals And Discounts

Here are all the best July tablet deals right now, where there are discounts and price cuts on all tablet operating systems, ranging from iPads to Android tablets, Windows tablet, and even Chrome tablets.

College students needing a light and portable 2-in-1 tablet with keyboard can benefit from sales on all iPads and even the Surface Pro 9 this month. Most go for iPads though, which also offers Android phone users the opportunity to run many of the same apps on their iPad that they run on their Android phone. Which may not be the case when they buy a Windows tablet instead.

These are the best tablet deals, from a collection of different stores.

Samsung's 8.7-inch Android 13 tablet Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is a solid 20% at $128, and even a little less for the silver/white model.

The 10.6-inch Android tablet Lenovo Tab M10 Plus 3rd Gen is on sale for just $139, which is a very good price considering the specs.

Nokia's 10.36-inch T20 model is on sale for $149.

And the 8-inch Android tablet Nokia T10 is 9% off, at $154.

Lenovo has a sale on the 11-inch Lenovo Tab P11 Gen 2, for $229.

The Teclast T50 Pro has a launch sale, starting today, with the price starting from $229.

The upgraded 10.4-inch Android 13 tablet with included digitizer pen and pen apps, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is a whopping 29% off, which makes this one of best value tablets on the market during the July sale.

iPad 9 is as much as 15% off, though this has been a pretty normal price this summer, so it's not a new sales price. Just a continuation of the price cut.

The 10.5-inch Asus Chromebook CM3 with both a keyboard and digitizer is 12% off, at $325.

Microsoft's Windows tablet Surface Go 3 is 15% off, starting from $340.

The newest iPad, the iPad 10 is 11% off, for $399 in all colors.

iPad mini is 6% off, from $469.

iPad Air is 7% off, from $559 for the 64GB model. Not bad considering the M1 processor.

With the launch of the new flagship series Tab S9 tomorrow, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 has a new low price of $562, which is 20% off the normal price.

iPad Pro is only 6% to 8% off, depending on the storage model, with the price starting at $749 in July.

Surface Pro 9 has a massive 19% price discount on the most popular i5/256GB configuration just before the back to school season begins again.

– Tom Bowen