9 Tips to Fix Blurry Camera on Samsung Galaxy Phones

Samsung Galaxy phones are known for their high-quality cameras, but sometimes users experience issues with blurry photos and videos. If you're facing this problem, don't worry! We've got you covered with these 9 tips to fix the blurry camera on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

1. Remove Any Protective Film and Clean Camera Lens

Start by removing any protective film or cover that might be obstructing the camera lens. Once removed, use a soft microfiber cloth to clean the lens and remove any dirt or particles. Also, check for signs of fog or moisture inside the camera lens and use silica gel packets to eliminate it.

Camera in Samsung Galaxy Phone

2. Disable Tracking Auto-Focus

The Camera app on your Samsung Galaxy phone has a tracking auto-focus feature that can sometimes give the impression of a blurry camera. To disable this feature, open the Camera app, tap the gear icon, and turn off the toggle next to “Tracking auto-focus.”

3. Try Adjusting the Distance

Holding the camera too close to the subject can result in blurry photos. Try adjusting the distance between the subject and your phone's camera and tap on the subject within the camera's viewfinder to ensure it is in focus.

4. Enable Shot Suggestions

Enable shot suggestions in the Camera app to use machine learning and reduce the chances of blurry photos. Tap the gear icon in the Camera app, enable the toggle next to “Shot suggestions.”

5. Try Night Mode

Some users have reported fixing the blurry camera issue by using night mode. Give it a try by tapping the “More” option in the Camera app and selecting “Night.”

Night Mode in Samsung Galaxy Phone

6. Adjust Settings With Camera Assistant

Download and install the Camera Assistant app from the Galaxy Store. This app allows you to fine-tune certain settings to reduce shutter lag and ensure clear and blur-free photos on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

7. Reset the Camera App

If adjusting the settings doesn't help, you can reset all the camera settings to their default configuration. Open the Camera app, tap the gear icon, scroll down, tap “Reset settings,” and select “Reset.”

Reset Samsung Camera App Settings on Galaxy Phone

8. Update Camera App

Regularly update the Camera app on your Samsung Galaxy phone to improve its quality and fix any known issues. Open the Camera app, tap the gear icon, scroll down, tap “About Camera,” and install any available updates.

Update Samsung Camera App on Galaxy Phone

9. Try Safe Mode

Booting your Samsung phone into Safe Mode can help you determine if a third-party app is causing the camera focus problem. Press and hold the Power button, long press on the Power off icon, and tap the green checkmark to boot into Safe Mode. If the camera works fine in Safe Mode, uninstall any recently installed suspicious apps.

From Blurry to Brilliant

Even the best cameras can produce blurry photos if not properly configured. Follow these tips to fix the blurry camera on your Samsung Galaxy phone and capture brilliant photos. For a better understanding of the Camera app, familiarize yourself with the various symbols and icons in the Samsung Camera app.