8bitdo Retro Mechanical Keyboard With Dual Super Buttons Release September 20

Computer and gaming accessories brand 8bitdo is taking pre-orders for one of the most discussed keyboard packages in a while, the 8bitdo Retro Mechanical Keyboard:

The release date is about a month from now, on September 20, when it’s released for $99.

In addition to having a real 80’s throwback color theme, keyboard style, and even old-school power LED, this keyboard also comes with two unique and very large buttons, called Super Buttons.

8bitdo Retro Mechanical Keyboard
8bitdo Retro Mechanical Keyboard

The dual Super Buttons, seen here in red and resembling a large piece of LEGO, are programmable keys that can be mapped to anything.

The whole setup is compatible with both Windows and Android, and can be connected by either USB-C cable, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth, making this one of the ultimate tablet accessories.

– Tom Bowen

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