8-Inch Samsung Foldable To Sport S Pen And Launch In 2020 Says Report

It's been mentioned on 4 separate occasion over the last years that Samsung have been working on 3 differently sized foldables. The first Samsung Galaxy Fold was announced earlier this year with 4.6 + 7.3-inch displays.

Now we are once again hearing about the 8-inch Samsung foldable via Korean magazine The Elec where it's claimed that this 8-inch foldable tablet phone will launch in 2020.

Based on talks with insiders, they mention that it could be due in December 2019 already, but that it will launch in 2020 at latest. December launches are extremely rare on hot products, so 2020 seems much more likely. But suppliers are told to be in standby mode for production of components once Samsung has finalized a launch date. Manufacturing could start in August.

Of great importance is the industry insider claim that Samsung's 8-inch foldable will feature an S Pen digitizer, which could really give this foldable a big popularity boost in the marketplace.

There's no word on the screen size of the phone portion, but based on the insider leaks in 2017 when the codename “Project Valley” leaked a bit, it came out that the phone screen for the 8-inch foldable was 5 inches. But whether this is the model that will go into production after the summer remains to be seen.

– Jim Miller