8 Effective Solutions to Resolve Microsoft Word Not Opening on Mac

Microsoft Word is one of the most widely used word processors, but it can be frustrating when it fails to open on your Mac. If you're experiencing this issue, don't worry. We've compiled a list of effective solutions to help you resolve the problem and get back to work.

1. Force Reboot Microsoft Word

If Microsoft Word is unresponsive or not launching on your Mac, you can force quit the app and try opening it again. Simply right-click on the Word app icon in the Mac dock, select “Force quit,” and then relaunch the app. Alternatively, you can use the Activity Monitor to force quit Word.

2. Remove Microsoft Word Preferences Files

Corrupt Word preferences files can prevent the app from opening on your Mac. To fix this issue, you can delete the Word preferences files. Open Finder, click on “Go” at the top, select “Go to Folder,” type “~/Library,” and press Enter. Then, locate and move the “com.microsoft.office.plist” and “com.microsoft.word.plist” files to the Trash. Afterward, restart your Mac and try opening Word again.

3. Free Up RAM on Mac

Running out of RAM can cause issues with opening apps like Microsoft Word. Check the memory usage on your Mac by opening the Activity Monitor and going to the Memory tab. If your Mac is almost consuming 80-90% of the RAM, close unnecessary apps and services to free up memory.

4. Repair Microsoft Word Files

If you're having trouble opening a specific Word document, you can repair it within the Microsoft Word app. Open Word, click on “File,” select “Open,” find the document, and choose the “Repair” option. macOS will automatically repair the file and reopen it for you.

5. Run Disk Utility

Using the Disk Utility tool, you can fix app failures on your Mac, including Microsoft Word not opening. Open Spotlight Search, type “Disk Utility,” select “First Aid,” and run the repair tool. Let macOS fix any issues, and then try opening Word again.

6. Remove Bogus Files on Mac

Cache files and corrupt files can interfere with installed apps on your Mac. Instead of manually searching for these files, you can use a third-party tool like CleanMyMac X to remove them with a single click. Download and install CleanMyMac X, select “System Junk” from the sidebar, run a scan, and remove the identified files.

7. Update Microsoft Word

Ensure that you have the latest version of Microsoft Word installed on your Mac. Open the App Store, go to the “Updates” menu, and install any available updates for Word. This will not only provide new features but also fix any bugs that may be causing the app to not open.

8. Use Microsoft Word Web

If you urgently need to access or edit a Word file on your Mac, you can temporarily use Microsoft Word on the web. Open your preferred browser, visit the Microsoft Word web app, and open the desired file. Although the web version may not offer the same native experience, it will allow you to make the necessary changes.

By following these solutions, you can effectively resolve the issue of Microsoft Word not opening on your Mac. Don't let this problem hinder your productivity. Try these methods and get back to creating your documents seamlessly.