8 Best Touch Typing Software to Master Your Typing Skills

If you spend a lot of time typing on your computer, it's worth investing some time in learning touch typing. Touch typing allows you to type without looking at the keyboard, increasing your typing speed and efficiency. Don't worry if the jumbled letters on a QWERTY keyboard seem intimidating; there are plenty of software options available to help you learn and improve your touch typing skills.

Typing.com: Simple and Free

Typing.com is one of the oldest touch typing software providers on the internet. It offers a free resource designed for both students and teachers. While it may have fewer lessons and features compared to some paid software, Typing.com is still an amazing resource. It provides 45 courses and 8 fun games, making it ideal for beginners to advanced level students. The interface is simple and easy to use, and you don't need to download any software. Teachers can even assign tests and track their students' progress. Typing.com is a simple, easy, and free way to learn touch typing skills.

Rapid Typing: Colorful and Flexible

Rapid Typing is a Windows-based touch typing software available as freeware. It offers a colorful interface and plenty of flexibility. With three modes available (Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert), Rapid Typing provides comprehensive lessons and evaluates your performance at the end of each lesson. You can customize or add your own lessons using the Lesson Editor. Rapid Typing also supports multiple languages and offers different keyboard styles. If you're looking for a touch typing software with a vibrant interface and flexibility, Rapid Typing is a great choice.

Typist: Minimal and Free for Mac

Typist is a minimal touch typing software available for free on Mac. It offers nine courses with detailed instructions and a number of lessons. The software displays your real-time stats at the bottom of the screen and allows you to customize settings like sound and background color. Typist also offers a quick course for those with limited time. If you're looking for a minimal touch typing experience, Typist is the way to go.

Tux Typing: Fun and Cross-platform

Tux Typing is a touch typing software that offers the coolest games. It is cross-platform and compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and FreeBSD. The software features engaging games where you catch falling letters before they hit the ground. As you type, a penguin runs across the screen to collect the letters, making it a fun and interactive experience. Tux Typing also supports multiple languages and offers a practice mode. If you want to make touch typing fun for your kids, Tux Typing is the perfect choice.

Ratatype: Web-based and Reward-based

Ratatype is a web-based typing app that teaches you touch typing efficiently. It uses a reward-based model to help you type faster and allows you to create high scores and share them with friends. The app offers easy courses that cover key positions, finger placement, and muscle memory. It also provides typing tests to improve your speed and accuracy. Ratatype is an excellent tool for improving your typing skills and can be used on any platform with just a web browser.

Klavaro: Comprehensive and Customizable

Klavaro is a comprehensive touch typing software for Windows. It offers five levels with 50 lessons each, covering everything from finger placement to complete texts. Klavaro supports multiple languages and allows you to choose different keyboard layouts. The software is customizable and easy to use, making it a great option for learning touch typing the right way.

Typing Cat: Easy to Use and Web-based

Typing Cat is a web-based typing tutor app that offers courses, tests, and games. It doesn't require any additional installation and can be used without creating an account. The app features three categories of courses: Official, User-generated, and custom. It also provides typing tests to measure your speed and accuracy. Typing Cat is suitable for both children and adults and offers a free version that is sufficient for most users.

KAZ: Versatile and Comprehensive

KAZ claims to teach you how to touch type in just 90 minutes. It offers different editions for various types of learners and settings. KAZ utilizes a Brain Balance method that combines sight, sound, and touch senses to accelerate the learning process. The software includes five modules with animations, graphics, and games that enhance the user experience. KAZ is available for web, Mac, and Windows, and offers something for everyone.

Learning touch typing takes time and practice, but it pays off in the long run. Choose the software that suits your needs best and make a commitment to practice regularly. With dedication and the right tools, you'll be typing faster and more efficiently in no time.