8 Apps to Download Facebook Videos on Android

Users spend a lot of time on Facebook watching videos of random stuff. Sometimes, these videos are useful and you may want to save them on your Android phone. For example, videos that are often shared by 5-Minute Crafts on their Facebook page are very helpful. But how do you download Facebook videos on Android?

Before we begin
If you don't already know, the Facebook Android app allows users to save videos within the app that you can later watch offline. Simply click the dropdown menu next to any video and select ‘Save Video'. The footage will soon appear under ‘Videos' in your ‘Saved' directory.

However, there is one major problem with this approach. Facebook does not provide the video file in order to encourage users to share videos on their platform only. But don't worry, there are 3rd party Android apps that allow you to download any video on Facebook independently and even share it with your friends on other social media such as WhatsApp.

How to Copy Facebook Video Link or URL

Before you can use a mobile or web app to download a Facebook video, you will need to copy the link to that video. This is required so that the app can connect with the servers and do the needful. Open Facebook and go to the video page. Right-click on the video and select Show video URL.

You will now see a popup with a link. Copy it and paste it in notepad so you can use it later.

You can also copy the Facebook video URL inside the Facebook app on Android. Just tap on the three-dot menu icon over the video and select the Copy Link option. Now that you have the URL of the video you want to download, let's see which apps can help you with it.

Download Facebook Videos on Android

1. MyVideoDownloader

This Android mobile app is actually a Facebook browser. You sign in with your login credentials and begin to browse through your feed just like on the Facebook app. When you come across a video that you like and would like to download, tap on it once and select Download from the popup menu.

MyVideoDownloader will download the best possible video quality automatically. For some reason, they have removed the option to choose video quality from the settings area. Anyway, you can find this video in the same app or watch it using any video player for Android.

One caveat is that there is no way to enter the video URL and the browsing experience is not as good as on the Facebook app or website.

Download MyVideoDownloader

2. FBDown

FBDown is a browser-based web app that you can use on your Android Chrome browser too. The steps are simple and this is more suitable for those who want to download videos using Facebook video links. Open the site and paste the link in the given field.

Tap on the Download button and your Facebook video should be ready to be downloaded on the next screen. You can download it in either Normal which is SD quality or HD quality.

Visit FBDown

3. GetFVid

What about extracting just audio from a Facebook video? GetFVid is a really cool web app that will let you download Facebook videos on Android and also extract audio from it. All in a day's work. Open the site on your mobile browser and paste the video link before tapping on Download.

This will extract the video that you can now download. What about private videos shared by users? You can download those too using their Chrome extension. The videos are downloaded in MP4 format while the audio is extracted in MP3 format.

Visit GetFVid

4. FBDownload

FBDownload is a web app that will automatically, and quickly, generate a number of download links in both video and audio formats. This saves you time as you don't have to select separate options. Just paste the link and tap on the download button to generate the links.

As you can see, the video links are generated in a number of resolution options. If the length of the video is long, this can significantly change the download size as well. The last option is for downloading the audio-only.

Visit FBDownload

5. Video Downloader for Facebook

Download this app on your Android smartphone and sign in to your Facebook account by tapping on the Browse button. Once in, tap on any video and you should see a couple of options. You can either watch the video or download it to your mobile's internal memory.

One unique feature of this app, something which is not available in other Facebook video downloaders we shared above, is the ability to download multiple videos at the same time.

Download Video Downloader for Facebook

6. SaveAs

SaveAs is a Facebook video downloader that you can use both in the browser and as an Android app. Just copy and paste the Facebook video link and tap the Download button to begin the process.

The video should be ready for download in SD and HD quality within seconds. There is no support for audio at the moment however I am told they are working on it. I hope it is true.

Visit SaveAs

7. Video Downloader for Facebook

Video Downloader for Facebook is an Android app that follows suit in the long line of apps that fail to come with better names for their app. Either way, the app works alright. Log in to your Facebook account and tap on the video you want to download to reveal the option.

The video will be downloaded to your mobile's internal memory.

Download Video Downloader for Facebook

There is no shortage of web and Android apps in the market that allow you to download Facebook videos on your Android smartphone. You can go for any but I would suggest, you choose one that offers more options. For example, SD and HD video qualities, different resolutions, and also audio format. Choose one and then stick with it.