8.9-Inch Windows 10 Pocket Laptop Magic-Ben MAG1 In Pre-Order Sale With 10% Off Before Late November Launch

When we were first told of the brand new first generation Windows 10 pocket laptop Magic-Ben MAG1 back in September, it was said to launch on October 10, but the turned out to be a little too early, as it won't actually launch before November 20.

The good news in all of this though is that good things comes to those who wait. In this case in the form of a discount, because it's not uncommon for a couple of the Chinese tablet brands sell tablets with a pre-launch discount sale usually around 10%, and this is what we are witnessing here too, with a pre-launch discount for the MAG1.

Magic Ben MAG1
Magic-Ben MAG1

The price is still $629 though for the Intel Core m3 powered model with 256GB storage and 8GB RAM, but good components costs the same regardless of the size of the laptop, and most laptops haven't got a 2560 x 1600 resolution touchscreen like this 8.9-inch pocket laptop does either. Go up to $790 and you get the 16GB RAM model with 512GB storage instead, also in pre-launch sale.

This pocket laptop is just large enough to be a little different than the 7-inch and smaller 8-inch laptops, so on the backlit keyboard it has even one of the smallest trackpad/touchpads I have ever seen. Though it still looks just large enough to be functional. I know I rarely use the full size of trackpad/touchpad on 15-inch laptops, so this trackpad/touchpad should be adequate.


– Tom Bowen