7-Inch Onn Tablet From Walmart Approved Ahead Of Announcement

Autumn is the main tablet launch season, but unfortunately not all tablets can be like an iPad or high-end Samsung tablet like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6.

That's why there's a new 7-inch Walmart tablet on its way too, as the new 7-inch Onn 7 has been approved by the Bluetooth certification body with Bluetooth 4.2.

The specs are low as you would expect, with the MediaTek MT8167 processor letting us know that this tablet will be as slow as a new tablet can get in 2019.

Just 1GB of RAM and a HD screen doesn't help wither, even if it says it will run Android 9.0.

So the only good thing about it will be the very low price. But no matter how cheap it is, it still won't stand a chance against the Fire 7 which will offer a much more satisfying user experience.

– Tom Bowen