7-Inch Nintendo Switch OLED Announced

The gaming community went haywire a few hours ago, when Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch OLED, their latest handheld gaming device.

It had gamers flock to discover the specs and details. The Nintendo Switch OLED is not the big upgrade that a lot of people have been expecting.

There’s no radically new processor, GPU, or RAM, but it has grown the screen a little, to 7 inches while of course featuring an OLED display too now. The resolution is still also just HD, which helps maintain a decent battery life.

There’s a new kickstand on it too which seems a lot more stable than the one on the original.

The audio has also been beefed up a little says Nintendo, though I haven’t played with it myself yet, so I can tell just how much it has been beefed up.

It will launch on October 8 for $349, which is $49 more than the regular Nintendo Switch.

– Tom Bowen

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