7 Best Expense Tracker Apps for iPhone and iPad

It's 2021, and tracking your finances and expenses no longer requires an Excel sheet. The Google Play Store and Apple App Store offer a variety of expense tracker apps that can help you manage your spending. Here are the seven best expense tracker apps for iPhone and iPad.

1. Toshl

Toshl stands out from its competitors due to its superior UI/UX. The gesture-based interface is a joy to use, with big fonts, icons, and a large number pad for adding expenses or income. Toshl also integrates with banks, allowing you to view all your transactions in one place.


  • Beautiful UI
  • Good list of supported banks
  • Spot-on iconography
  • Cross-platform availability
  • Unique River Flow view for checking expenses, budget, and income
  • Multiple export options


  • Partner sharing is missing
  • No iOS widgets

Toshl Pro plans start at $2.99 per month, with a higher plan that includes bank connections priced at $4.99 per month.

2. Pocket Expense 6

Pocket Expense 6 focuses on UI to differentiate itself from the crowd. The calendar view at the top is amazing, allowing you to easily move between dates. It offers budget support, different charts, a native calendar view, and the ability to track bills. It also supports iOS widgets, making it easy to keep track of expenses from the home screen.


  • Excellent UI with animations
  • Calendar view
  • Several charts to track spendings
  • Bill menu to view future transactions


  • No bank connections
  • No partner sharing

The pro plan is priced at $1.49 per month, with an annual plan available at $8.99.

3. Moneon

Moneon focuses on sharing, allowing you to easily share a wallet with family members who can add expenses. It offers features such as iOS widgets, password protection, budgets, SMS recognition, iMessage integration, reports, and more. Some features are locked behind a paywall, but they are affordable.


  • Shared wallets support
  • Photos attachment support
  • Debt tracking
  • Templates support
  • iOS home widgets


  • Average UI
  • Not available on Android
  • No bank connections

$0.99 per month.

4. Spendee

Spendee is a feature-rich app that many people use to manage their expenses. It offers a unique card-style UI on the home screen, allowing you to easily check all your wallets. You can also share a wallet with others, and it supports bank connections.


  • Unique and functional UI
  • Wallet sharing
  • Long list of export options
  • Modify categories
  • Cheaper compared to rivals
  • Cross-platform availability


  • iOS home widgets are missing

The subscription starts at $1.99 per month.

5. CoinKeeper

CoinKeeper is a simple finance app for those who don't need all the bells and whistles. It keeps it simple with all the categories displayed on the home screen, allowing you to see expenses from each category and a summary at the top. It supports detailed statistics, debt management, all world currencies, and widgets.


  • Simple UI for the majority
  • Detailed statistics
  • Debt management
  • Support for all world currencies
  • Widget support


  • UX could be improved
  • Missing features like bank connections and password protection compared to rival apps

$3.99 per month and $11.99 per year.

6. Money Lover

Money Lover is one of the best expense manager apps for both iOS and Android. It allows you to link your local bank account and provides a built-in calculator, debt tracking, the ability to attach pictures to transactions, and support for multiple currencies. It also offers a dedicated store where you can buy icon packs for different categories.


  • Cross-platform availability
  • Built-in calculator
  • Debt tracking
  • Attach pictures to transactions
  • Multiple currency support


  • iOS home widget is missing

$2.49 per month.

7. Wallet by BudgetBakers

Wallet is not just an expense manager app; it can also be your ultimate finance advice destination, offering tips and news. It allows you to add different widgets to the home screen, including a currency converter to track changes. Bank connections are available, but the sync can be unreliable.


  • Wallet Now page for personalized suggestions
  • Detailed statistics page
  • Bank connections
  • Shared wallets
  • Cross-platform support, including the web
  • American Express support


  • Shaky sync
  • Expensive compared to rivals

The Premium plan starts at $5.99 per month.

Forget the pen and paper combo for tracking expenses. Instead, opt for a dedicated expense tracker app from the App Store and manage your finances like a pro.