7 Best Background Eraser Apps for Android and iOS

If you're tired of relying on Photoshop to remove the background from your photos, you're in luck. There are several background eraser apps available for Android and iOS that can help you achieve similar results. In this article, we will explore the best background eraser apps that you can use on your smartphone.

Using Free Background Eraser Online Tool

One of the easiest ways to remove the background from an image on your iPhone is by using free online background remover tools. These tools allow you to remove the background from your images without adding any watermarks. Some of the best background remover tools include remove.bg, slazzer.com, backgroundcut.co, photoscissors.com, and spark.adobe.com/tools/remove-background. These tools are easy to use and allow you to save your images in PNG format.

Ultimate Background Eraser

Ultimate Background Eraser is a popular background eraser app available on the Play Store. It offers features like auto mode, manual mode, crop, undo, offset, and zoom. One unique feature of this app is the magnifying glass that appears when you press the screen, making it easier to see where you are pressing. You can save the image in PNG or JPEG format, and the app is free with ads.

Background Eraser and Remover

Background Eraser and Remover is another background eraser app that provides a familiar user interface. It offers a restore button to revert the image back to its original state and an undo button that works for up to 10 steps. However, you cannot superimpose the edited image or change the background within the app. The app is free and ad-supported.

Touch Retouch

Touch Retouch is a great app for removing unwanted objects from the background of your photos. Whether it's lamp posts, wires, or other distracting elements, Touch Retouch can easily remove them with minimal effort. The app also allows you to perform quick repairs and remove blemishes from your pictures. Touch Retouch is available for $2 on both Android and iOS.

Adobe Photoshop Mix

If you're not comfortable using Photoshop but still want to remove the background from your photos, Adobe Photoshop Mix is the perfect solution. This app allows you to crop pictures, adjust colors, change exposure, and add filters. It also offers a selection tool that makes it easy to remove the background from your images. Photoshop Mix requires a login account but is free to use.

Background Eraser: Superimpose

Background Eraser: Superimpose is an iOS app that allows you to create cutout images with ease. It offers a simple interface, easy-to-use tools, and editing options like brightness, contrast, and exposure adjustment. The erase tool has an offset feature that makes it easier to remove the background. After removing the background, you can add a different background from your album or choose from the app's collection. The app is free to use.

Photo Layer: Superimposer

Photo Layer: Superimposer is a sophisticated app designed to erase the background of an image easily. It offers auto, magic, and manual tools for background removal. The auto tool erases neighboring pixels with the same color palette, while the magic tool identifies edges for more precise removal. You can also make adjustments and repairs using the manual tool. The app allows you to save the image to your camera roll and share it on social media. It is free but contains ads.

In conclusion, these background eraser apps provide a convenient way to remove unwanted backgrounds from your photos. Whether you're an Android or iOS user, you can find an app that suits your needs. Give them a try and let us know which one you prefer!