6 Solutions to Fix the “Something Went Wrong” Error on Instagram

Do you keep encountering the frustrating “We're sorry, but something went wrong” error on Instagram? This error can prevent you from enjoying posts, stories, and Reels from your favorite creators and friends. In this article, we will explore the common causes of this error and provide you with six effective solutions to fix it.

Why Does Instagram Keep Saying Something Went Wrong

The “Something went wrong” error on Instagram usually occurs due to temporary server-side glitches. These issues typically resolve on their own after some time. Additionally, a slow or unstable internet connection can also trigger this error message.

Apart from server-related problems and internet connection issues, authentication problems with your Instagram account or a corrupted app or browser cache can also lead to this error.

Instagram on Mobile and Computer

1. Start With Basic Fixes

Before diving into advanced solutions, it's worth trying some basic fixes that can save you time and resolve the error.

  • Update the App: Using an outdated version of the Instagram app on your Android or iPhone can result in unusual behavior. Make sure you have the latest version of the app installed.
  • Check if Instagram Is Down: Instagram's “Something went wrong” error can also occur due to server-related issues. To rule this out, check Instagram's server status on Downdetector.
  • Turn Off VPN: While VPNs can enhance privacy, they can also cause network connection issues that result in Instagram showing errors on your phone. Temporarily disable your VPN to see if that helps.

2. Login Through Facebook

If you encounter the “Something went wrong” error while trying to log into your Instagram account, try logging in using your Facebook account. This option is available if you have previously linked your Instagram account with your Facebook account.

On the Instagram login page, click “Log in with Facebook” and enter your credentials. Check if the error persists after logging in.

Log Into Instagram With Facebook

3. Access Instagram on Web Browser and Complete Captcha

Sometimes, the Instagram app on your Android or iPhone may display the “Something went wrong” error if it detects unusual activities on your account. To fix this, access your Instagram account on a web browser.

Open Instagram in your web browser, sign in to your account, and complete the captcha. After that, you should be able to use Instagram on your phone as usual.

Instagram Captcha

4. Use a Different Link

Several users reported experiencing the “Sorry, something went wrong” error when accessing Instagram on their browsers. Interestingly, the error seems to disappear when accessing the Instagram account using a different URL.

Try visiting the direct messages page of your Instagram account and see if that resolves the issue.

5. Secure Your Account

Using your Instagram account on a new device can trigger this error message. In such cases, follow these steps to secure your account and solve the problem:

  1. Open the email account linked to your Instagram and open the new login email from Instagram.
  2. Click the “secure your account” link and enter the code Instagram sends to your trusted device or email to verify your identity.

Once you secure your account using these steps, you should no longer encounter errors while using Instagram.

6. Clear Instagram Cache

If none of the above solutions work, it's possible that the cache data associated with the Instagram app has become corrupted. You can try clearing the existing Instagram cache data on your phone to restore normal functionality.

  1. Long-press the Instagram app icon and tap the info icon from the resulting menu.
  2. Go to Storage and tap the “Clear cache” option.

If you're experiencing the “Something went wrong” error on Instagram while using a Windows or Mac computer, try clearing the browser cache and see if that helps.

Insta-Adventure Awaits

Scrolling through your Instagram feed is all fun and games until errors like “Something went wrong” interrupt your experience. Hopefully, one of the above solutions has helped fix the underlying issue and restored your access to Instagram. Now you can continue enjoying the wonderful world of Instagram without any interruptions.