5G Technology To Add Around $75 In Cost To First 5G Tablets And Smartphones In 2019

If you've been wondering how much of a premium you will have to pay for the first 5G tablets and smartphones this year compared to the 4G devices we are using today, then Digitimes has done the work for us by surveying the developers and manufacturers.

As it turns out, the average increase in price for 5G devices from Chinese vendors looks to be around $74 in 2019, compared to a 4G device with the otherwise same specs.

The prices will surely drop year by year, but for now, this is what we should expect to pay extra for the first 5G tablets and smartphones in 2019. One or two of these 5G tablets may even be a 5G foldable tablet, based on leaks and rumors so far.

The report notes that the additional cost is generally split between roughly $50 for the 5G modems inside the mobile devices, and roughly $30 for the new antennas.

Some Samsung engineers are already using 5G tablets in-house. The last couple of months, Samsung together with telecom carriers there have even demonstrated the ability to stream 4K+ video on Samsung's prototype and as of yet not for sale 5G tablets for young students at schools in Tokyo.

So the good news is that the technology is already mature for 5G tablets. Now we just need wait for the first 5G tablets to become commercially available.

Samsung 5G Tablets
Samsung 5G tablets during demonstration in Tokyo recently

– Tom Bowen