5 Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch Users

Apple Watch is not just a smartwatch; it is a versatile device that can track various activities, including golf. With the help of advanced watchOS, powerful sensors, and dedicated developers, your Apple Watch can be transformed into a golf companion. In this article, we will explore the five best GPS-based golf apps for Apple Watch users that can help you keep score, track swings, get an aerial view of the golf course, and much more.

1. TheGrint – Best for Scores and Stats

TheGrint is an excellent choice for Apple Watch users who want to keep scores and track stats. It adopts the World Handicap System and allows users to enter their scores on USGA servers using GHIN# details. With TheGrint, you can track scores on an individual hole level, get notifications on your friends' performance, monitor the number and distance of putts made, and even track hazards. The app also offers a reliable golf GPS feature.

thegrint golf gps view on apple watch


  • Official World Handicap System
  • Advanced scoring and stats
  • Track friends' scores, pictures, and stats
  • Golf GPS
  • Can function without iPhone


  • None

Download TheGrint

2. Golfshot – Best for Augmented Reality

Golfshot is a pioneer in bringing augmented reality (AR) and auto shot tracking features to Apple Watch. With Golfshot, you can visualize the course, track your swing, shot movement, distance, and more. The app provides location information, including the hole's position, distance to hazards, and an overview of the course, directly on your Apple Watch. The flyover views are impressive, and the iPhone app offers stunning 3D animations of the golf course.

golf shot iphone AR effects


  • Auto shot tracking
  • Augmented reality and flyover
  • Support for Siri, hands-free use
  • Real-time scores, distance, and stats
  • Over 40,000 mapped courses


  • Slightly expensive

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3. 18Birdies – Best Allrounder

18Birdies is a feature-rich golf app for Apple Watch that provides several useful functionalities. The app offers live weather conditions, including wind, humidity, and elevation, and uses this information to recommend clubs. It also includes regular features like rangefinder, stats, and a social feed to stay engaged with other golfers. 18Birdies is affordable and provides a comprehensive golfing experience.

18birdies golf gps view on apple watch


  • Live weather conditions
  • Social feed
  • Side games
  • Rangefinder, stats
  • Affordable


  • UI lags compared to others

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4. Arccos – Best AI

Arccos offers more than just an app for Apple Watch; it provides smart sensors that can be easily fitted to your clubs. The AI-powered app then tracks your shots, distance, club average, and other game insights automatically. The accuracy of Arccos is impressive, thanks to the sensors. The app eliminates the need to carry your iPhone around like other golf apps. However, the sensors come at an additional cost, making golfing with Arccos a bit expensive.

arccos golf gps view on apple watch


  • Accuracy
  • Convenience
  • No need to carry iPhone


  • Can be expensive
  • Requires additional sensors

Download Arccos

5. Tag Heuer – 3D Flyovers and 2D Maps

Tag Heuer stands out among other Apple Watch golf apps with its detailed 3D maps, golf course flyovers, and interactive 2D maps. The app provides all the essential features expected from a golf GPS app, including yardage to greens and hazards, club recommendations, scores, and stats. However, Tag Heuer is designed to be used in addition to other golf GPS apps as a companion.

tag heuer golf gps app ui on apple watch


  • 3D flyovers of golf courses
  • 2D maps on Watch
  • Scores and stats
  • Yardage


  • Cannot be used as a standalone app

Download Tag Heuer

Golfing With GPS

These are some of the best golf GPS apps for Apple Watch users. However, there are other honorable mentions like Hole19 that are equally good. Remember, these apps are tools to enhance your golfing experience, so use them wisely. Focus on the game and enjoy your time on the golf course.

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