43-Inch Samsung Curved Monitor CHG90 Series Release August 26

Samsung will release a new curved monitor in their CHG90 series of high-end curved monitors on August 26.
Only this curved Samsung monitor CJ98 measures 43 inches.

As a 43-inch curved monitor, the size is the equivalent of two 24-inch monitors side by side.

The larger version of this curved monitor have been marketed mostly as a gaming monitor, and partially as a business monitor, mainly becuase these large curved monitors cost around $1000, though the launch price of this 43-inch curved monitor is $899.

Curved Monitor Samsung 43 Inches 2018

Samsung’s curved monitor has a high display resolution of 3840 x 1200, and 350 nits brightness.

It goes up against rivals from Acer and Phillips, but Samsung CJ89 offers features and some specs that the rivals lack. The screen has a up to 120 Hz refresh rate and a low 4ms response time, and despite being one monitor, users can still hook up two separate computers, tablets, smartphones, or other devices simultaneously to the monitor.

It has 10 ports on the back of the screen, with a choice of HDMI and USB ports to transfer video with, which makes it compatible with mobile devices too, as it has multiple USB Type-C ports for video connectivity.

There are as much as 14 different ways of splitting the windows on the display, which is controlled through Samsung’s “Easy Setting Box” interface, and not the one on a users operating system. At the most, users can view 6 different screens at once on the display.

Other built-in features on Samsung’s curved monitor includes 5 watt stereo speakers, and a monitor stand with tilt, swivel, and height adjustment.

– Tom Bowen

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