4 Best All in One Messenger Apps for Android and iOS

Managing multiple social media accounts can be a chore, especially when you're constantly on the move. But fear not, because there are all-in-one messenger apps that can simplify your life. Whether you're an Android or iOS user, here are some of the best options to consider.

1. IM+

IM+ is one of the most popular and oldest all-in-one messaging apps available. It supports a wide range of social media platforms including Instagram, Telegram, Messenger, Twitter, and WhatsApp, just to name a few. Switching between accounts and chats is as easy as switching between tabs, thanks to its neatly organized and easily accessible interface.

One key feature of IM+ is its desktop client, which allows you to seamlessly transition between mobile and desktop versions without having to switch your primary account or deal with different user interfaces. Additional features include UI customizations like dark mode, sorting messages, and a sleep mode for uninterrupted focus. While the app is free to use, it does come with a subscription model to remove ads.


  • True push notifications
  • Customize UI elements
  • Cross-platform with desktop clients
  • Supports all popular sites/apps


  • Subscription model

Download IM+: Android | iOS

2. Plu.us

Plu.us is another great all-in-one messenger app that allows you to connect with various messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. But what sets it apart is its unique feature of sharing social profiles using a tag. This means you can share your tag with someone, and they'll have access to all your social media profiles in one go.

Additionally, Plu.us lets you save useful links from multiple social media networks within the app itself. While you could use Pocket or Instapaper for this purpose, having it integrated into an all-in-one messenger app adds to the convenience. The best part? Plu.us is free to use.


  • Save links
  • Social tags
  • Easy sharing


  • None

Download Plu.us: Android | iOS

3. All Social Networks

If you're looking for a container app that houses all your messenger apps, All Social Networks is worth considering. It covers a wide range of messaging platforms and serves as a hub for accessing them. Simply tap on the icon of the app you want to use, and it will launch the official app.

While All Social Networks lacks additional settings like UI customizations, it makes up for it with its stability and fluid user experience. The app is completely free to use and ad-supported, making it a reliable choice for managing your various messenger apps.


  • Supports all popular sites/apps
  • Very stable mobile client


  • Not cross-platform

Download All Social Networks: Android

4. Splite Browser

If you're an Android user, Splite Browser offers a unique all-in-one experience by combining a browser and access to your social media apps in one app. While it may not have all the social media platforms like Telegram and WhatsApp yet, it offers features like dual browsing, where you can browse two sites or web pages simultaneously.

The app's dual browser feature is particularly useful for research purposes, and it loads web pages quickly. Although Splite Browser is still relatively new in the all-in-one messenger apps scene, it's steadily gaining popularity.


  • Doubles as a browser
  • Dual browsing


  • Missing Telegram and WhatsApp
  • Browser needs more work

Download Splite Browser: Android

With these all-in-one messenger apps, managing your various social media accounts becomes a breeze. While choices may be limited, these apps provide convenient solutions for both Android and iOS users. So why not give them a try and simplify your digital life?

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