22 Essential Slack Slash Commands for Efficient Communication

Slack is a popular team communication tool. With its wide range of features, it can take some time to navigate and find what you need.

Slash commands are shortcuts that let you quickly perform actions in Slack without needing to use your mouse. Just type a forward slash / then a keyword.

Set Your Status and Availability

Set Your Status and Availability
Set Your Status and Availability

Let teammates know your availability with status indicators.

/away – Set yourself as away manually

/active – Switch status back to “active”

/dnd – Activate Do Not Disturb mode to pause notifications

/status [status text] – Set a custom status message

Manage Channels

Quickly navigate between channels and conversations.

/open [#channel] – Jump to another channel

/join [#channel] – Join a new channel

/leave [#channel] – Leave a channel

/mute – Mute notifications for current channel

/collapse – Hide previews of links and images

/expand – Show previews of collapsed content

Send Messages

Communicate right from your keyboard.

/msg [#channel] [message] – Send a message to a channel

/dm [@person] [message] – Direct message someone

/me [action] – Display text in italics as an action

/shrug [text] – Append  ̄\_(ツ)_/ ̄ to your message

/call – Start a call from a conversation

Find Information

Dig through conversations faster.

/search [keywords] – Search through messages

/shortcuts – List keyboard shortcuts

/who – See members in current channel

/remind help – Learn how to set reminders

Manage Teams

Add, remove, and organize members.

/invite [@person] [#channel] – Add user to channel

/remove [@person] – Remove user from channel

/kick [@person] – Also removes user from channel

/rename [name] – Rename the current channel

Utilize Built-In Tools

Utilize Built-In Tools
Utilize Built-In Tools

Surface Slack’s hidden gems.

/apps [keywords] – Find and install apps

/feed help – Manage RSS feed subscriptions

/feedback [message] – Send feedback to Slack

/remind list – View reminders you have set


By learning these handy slash commands, you and your team can navigate Slack faster.

Memorize the ones you use most often to boost productivity. Combine them with keyboard shortcuts for even more efficiency gains.