2022 iPad Pros Rumored To Feature MagSafe And M2 Chip

Bloomberg's computer reporter Mark Gurman is agreeing with earlier rumors that the 2022 model iPad Pros will feature Apple's M2 chipset.

These iPad Pros are expected to launch during Apple's fall event, which typically takes place a few weeks after Apple's main iPhone event during fall.

Gurman also added that he believes these new iPad Pros will feature MagSafe charging support.

MagSafe in use

MagSafe is Apple's Qi wireless charging system that also includes magnetic attachment for the devices that are supported already, such as their iPhones, earbuds, and watches.

Rumors and leaks ahead of new iPads have become a little more of a hit and miss the last two years, as Apple has managed to limit more of its internal leaks. But even if the new iPad Pros were the launch with an even more powerful and effective Apple M2 chip, it may not be what iPad Pro users are asking the most for at the moment.

I regularly hear current iPhone and iPad Pro users complain that Apple should change its focus from developing new emojis, to developing a better user interface for Pro users instead.

And considering how powerful both the iPad Pros, the new iPad Air, and the iPad mini are already, I understand their point of view.

More power is not what many Pro users are asking for at the moment. So let's see what Apple will do to the iPadOS, what new services will be added, and what companies Apple will collaborate with too if they launch new iPad Pros at the end of the year, and if that addresses the wants and needs of these Pro users.

– Tom Bowen