20 Must-Try Third-Party Notion Widgets to Boost Your Productivity

Notion has gained significant popularity in the no-code revolution for its unique approach to organization and project management. One of the ways it simplifies life is through the use of widgets. Notion widgets are a great addition to your workflow, providing you with the ability to customize your Notion homepage and enhance its functionality. In this article, we will explore the best third-party Notion widgets that you should try to take your productivity to the next level.

How to Use Notion Widgets

To implement third-party Notion widgets, we will rely on two sources: Indify and Apption. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Click on the widget link provided in the article.
  2. If it's an Indify link, you will be redirected to their homepage. Log in with your Google account to access the widgets.
  3. Scroll down to find the widget you like and click on it.
  4. Copy the unique URL provided for each widget.
  5. Go back to your Notion dashboard and use the /Embed command to embed the link.
  6. Paste the link and witness the Notion widget in action.

Without further ado, let's dive into the top 20 third-party Notion widgets that will revolutionize your productivity.

1. Clock Widget

Start your day with a live clock widget on your Notion homepage. Indify's Clock widget allows you to customize the timezone and clock type, providing you with real-time updates.

notion clock widget

Get Clock Widget

2. Weather Widget

Stay informed about the weather with a weather widget on your Notion page. Get the current temperature, weekly forecast, and location-based updates. Customize the size of the weather widget to fit your preferences.

notion weather widget

Get Weather Widget

3. Countdown Widget

Never miss an important event again with the Countdown widget. Set timers for events and track the remaining time in real-time on your Notion page.

notion countdown widget

Get Countdown Widget

4. Google Calendar Widget

If you rely on Google Calendar for your schedule, this widget is a must-have. View your entire Google Calendar with events directly on your Notion page. Make style-related changes to customize the widget to your liking.

notion google calendar widget

Get Google Calendar Widget

5. Spotify Widget

For Spotify enthusiasts, this widget is a game-changer. Embed a Spotify widget into your Notion page and seamlessly access and control your favorite tracks without leaving Notion.

notion spotify widget

Get Spotify Widget

6. Whiteboard Widget

Enhance your project management capabilities with the Whiteboard widget. Use a digital whiteboard directly on your Notion page to brainstorm ideas and jot down thoughts.

notion whiteboard widget

Get Whiteboard Widget

7. Twitter Widget

Stay up to date with the latest news and updates from Twitter without leaving Notion. Integrate a third-party Twitter widget that brings Notion's Twitter timeline directly to your Notion page.

notion twitter widget

Get Twitter Widget

8. Quote Notion Widgets

Start your day on a positive note with a motivational quote widget. Choose from popular Instagram accounts and customize the theme to light or dark.

notion quote widget

Get Quote Widget

9. Life Progress Bar

Track your progress in real-time with the Life Progress Bar widget. Showcase the progress of the current year, month, week, or even your entire life. Choose between light and dark themes to match your Notion page.

notion life progress widget

Get Life Progress Bar

10. Pinterest Widget

If you frequently browse Pinterest, this widget is for you. Add and view the image of the day directly on your Notion page.

notion pinterest widget

Get Pinterest Widget

11. Weather Round Notion Widgets

For a more stylish weather widget, try the Weather Round widgets. Customize the background color, icon color, text color, and border color to create a unique look.

weather notion widgets

Get Weather Round Notion Widget

12. Digital Retro Clock Widget

Give your Notion page an aesthetic touch with the Digital Retro Clock widget. Customize the background and text color, as well as the border radius, to match your desired style.

notion clock widget

Get Digital Retro Clock Widget

13. Simple Calendar Widget

Add a simple monthly calendar widget to your Notion page. Customize the calendar background, text color, header background, and more.

calendar widget in notion

Get Simple Calendar Widget

14. Giphy Widget

Make your Notion page more fun with the Giphy widget. Add a trending GIF to your Notion doc and explore related GIFs without leaving the interface.

giphy notion widget

Get Giphy Widget for Notion

15. Google Trends Widget

Stay updated with the latest Google trends by adding the Google Trends widget to your Notion page. Get insights into trending searches in your region.

google trends notion widget

Get Google Trends Widget for Notion

16. Astro Charts

For astrology enthusiasts, the Astro Charts widget is a must-have. Create personalized and highly customizable astrology charts and integrate them into your Notion page.

astro notion widget

Get Astro Charts for Notion

17. Apple Music Widget

If you prefer Apple Music over Spotify, don't worry. You can easily add and customize Apple Music playlists to your Notion page.

apple music notion widget

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18. Buy Me a Coffee Widget

If you're sharing your Notion templates with others, consider adding the Buy Me a Coffee widget. Give your audience a way to show their appreciation for your work.

buy me a coffee notion widget

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19. Pomodoro TODO

Boost your productivity with the Pomodoro TODO widget. Implement the famous Pomodoro technique directly into your Notion page and stay focused with timed work intervals.

pomodoro notion widget

Get Pomodoro TODO Widget

20. World Clock

Stay on top of multiple time zones with the World Clock widget. Create a clock for your preferred city and embed it on your Notion page for easy reference.

world clock notion widget

Get World Clock Widget


By incorporating these third-party Notion widgets into your workflow, you can enhance your productivity and create a customized Notion page that suits your needs. Experiment with different widgets, showcase your perfect Notion page on social media, and inspire others to discover cool new Notion widgets. Start exploring today and take your productivity to new heights!