20 Amazing Routines for Your Samsung Galaxy Phones and Tablets

Samsung is constantly improving its One UI with new and enhanced features. One of the standout additions is the Modes & Routines app, which allows you to automate and perform certain tasks based on your location and activities without any input. If you own a Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet, here are some of the best routines you can create to make your life easier.

How to Use Modes & Routines

Before we delve into the routines, it’s important to know how to use Modes & Routines on your Samsung Galaxy device. Check out our detailed guide on how to use Modes & Routines to understand how they work and how you can create them to suit your needs.

Best Battery Saving Routines

Nobody likes a smartphone that dies quickly. Thankfully, you can create routines that help save battery without interrupting your workflow.

  1. Battery Level: If your phone’s battery falls below 20%, enable Power Saver mode to conserve battery life.

  2. Emergency Battery Level: When your phone’s battery is less than 5%, enable Power Saver mode and Airplane mode to save battery for emergencies.

  3. Dark Mode: Set up a routine to enable Dark Mode when your phone’s battery is below 40% to reduce battery drain and eye strain. You can also schedule Dark Mode to activate at night or sunset using geo-location or time routines.

Best Night Time Routines

Ensure a peaceful night’s sleep and optimize your device for nighttime usage with these routines.

  1. Charging Protect: If you charge your phone overnight, this routine will protect your device from overheating. It enables Always on Display, activates battery protection, disables fast charging, and limits charging to 85% until 6 AM.

  2. Time Period: Between 6 PM and 8 AM, enable Dark Mode and reduce brightness to 20% for a more comfortable nighttime experience.

Best Creature Comfort Routines

Make your device adapt to your surroundings and provide a seamless user experience with these routines.

  1. Wi-Fi Strength: When Wi-Fi signal strength drops below 2 bars, automatically enable mobile data to stay connected.

  2. Wi-Fi Disconnected: Enable mobile data when your phone gets disconnected from your home Wi-Fi network.

  3. Wi-Fi Connected: When your phone connects to your home Wi-Fi network, disable mobile data, turn off location, and play some welcoming music.

  4. Office Wi-Fi: Shift the sound profile to vibrate/silent when your phone connects to the office Wi-Fi.

  5. Auto Rotate: Change the phone’s orientation status to auto-rotate when opening Gallery, Google Photos, or YouTube.

  6. YouTube or Netflix: Enable Do Not Disturb mode and set the screen timeout to 5 minutes when opening YouTube, Netflix, or Prime Video.

  7. Selected Alarm Dismissed: Start playing music on YouTube Music or any other music app when dismissing an alarm.

Best Folding Phone Routines

If you own a Galaxy Fold or Flip series device, these routines take advantage of the unique folding screen capabilities.

  1. Fold Always On Display: When the screen is closed, enable Always On Display, turn off quick sharing, and activate NFC for contactless payments on the go.

  2. Fold Open: When the screen is open, activate Do Not Disturb mode for uninterrupted viewing.

Best Bluetooth Routines

Make the most of your Bluetooth connectivity with these smart routines.

  1. Car Bluetooth: When connected to your car’s Bluetooth, automatically enable location services for a smoother driving experience.

  2. Bluetooth Device: Reduce Bluetooth volume to 32% when connected to Bluetooth earphones to prevent sudden loud audio.

  3. Bluetooth Speaker: Separate audio for different apps when connected to a Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to listen to music while browsing TikTok or Instagram.

Best Routines using GoodLock Routine+

Good Lock’s Routine+ module offers additional UI features for your Galaxy device.

  1. Power Always On Display: Turn on Always On Display by pressing and holding the power button.

  2. Quick Video: Double-tap the volume down button to open the camera and start recording a video instantly.

  3. Quick Music: Double-tap the volume up button to open YouTube Music or any other music app and start playing a song.

These routines can greatly enhance your digital life and provide subtle improvements to your daily routines. Customize them to suit your lifestyle and enjoy the convenience of automation.