1Million Project From Sprint Means Free Samsung Galaxy E Tablet With Cellular Connectivity, Or A Phone Or Hotspot For High School Students Of Low-Income Families

The wireless carrier Sprint have an incentive called the 1Million Project, where they have announced that for the 2017-2018 school year, 180,000 low-income high school students in United States will receive a Samsung Galaxy Tab E with wireless connectivity, or a smartphone or Wi-Fi hotspot.

The amount of wireless data available each month is 3GB at full wireless speed, which will be reduced to 2G speeds if the 3GB of data are exceeded in a month. The data service will be available while the students are in high school.

The initiative starts today on August 15, and the offer is available to over 1,300 schools in 32 states, which covers 180,000 students to begin with, but with plans to expand over the next 5 years. The idea is simple – to provide more equal opportunities to all high-school students, since there is a considerable broadband “homework gap” in United States, which is problematic when the majority of homework and contact with school and teachers is dependant on Internet connectivity in today’s digital age.

I really hope this is a 100% honest initiative, and so far, Sprint seems to have a very serious commitment to the 1Million Project, since Sprint Foundation is donating over $2 billion in wireless services, technical support and staff to oversee the 1Million Project for 5 years. Others that have contributed includes Alcatel, LG, Motorola, and ZTE.

Anyone can also contribute themselves either with financial contributions or by donating a tablet, phone, or hotspot to http://sprint.com/give1MP

– Tom Bowen

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