16 Tips, Tricks, and Features for the 2019 Nvidia Shield TV

The 2019 Nvidia Shield TV is packed with upgrades and new features that may not be immediately obvious. In this article, we will explore some tips, tricks, and features that will enhance your experience with the device.

Pair new remote with the old Shield TV

If you have an older Shield TV and want to use the new remote, you can pair them together easily.

Find your Remote

The new remote comes with a remote finder feature. If you can't find your remote, simply press a button on the Shield TV to make the remote emit a loud beep.

Remote Finder

Use the New Remote App

Install the revamped remote app on your Android smartphone to control your Shield TV. The app includes app and game shortcuts, as well as new buttons for convenience.

Remap Netflix Button

If you don't use the Netflix button often, you can remap it to perform a different action. There are apps available that allow you to remap every button on the remote.

Take A Screenshot

The 2019 Shield TV allows you to take screenshots. Simply navigate to the settings and customize the quick settings button to enable this feature.

Take A Screenshot

IR Volume Controls

Although the 2019 Shield TV doesn't have volume controls on the device itself, you can configure the volume buttons on the remote to control the volume on your TV or other sound accessories.

Control TV with Shield TV

The 2019 Shield TV supports HDMI-CEC, which allows it to control your TV. You can set your TV to power on and off when your Shield wakes up and goes to sleep.

Adjust the Cooling fan

Both the Nvidia Shield TV Pro and Tube have a built-in cooling fan. You can adjust the speed settings of the fan to reduce noise.

Adjust the Cooling fan

AI Upscaling

The 2019 Shield TV features AI upscaling, which uses machine learning to stretch out 720p and 1080p content to 4K without pixelation. You can activate this feature in the settings.

AI Upscaling

Sideload Apps

With the Shield TV, you can easily sideload apps that weren't originally developed for Android TV. This allows you to enjoy a wider range of apps on your device.

Navigate the Sideloaded apps

After sideloading apps that weren't intended for Android TV, you may encounter navigation issues. Use the Mouse Toggle app to simulate a mouse pointer on your TV and easily navigate sideloaded apps with the remote.

Browse the Internet

Most Android TVs don't come with a web browser, but you can sideload the Puffin TV browser or other web browsers designed for Android TV. You can also use the Mouse Toggle app or connect a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard for a better browsing experience.

Browse the Internet

Use a Bluetooth Controller

Connect a Bluetooth gaming controller, such as Xbox or PS4, to the Shield TV to enjoy gaming on the device. While Xbox controllers work flawlessly, PS4 controllers may have key mapping issues.

Switch Apps

Easily switch between different apps on the Shield TV by pressing the home button twice.

Game like a Pro

The Shield TV is a gaming-oriented device that comes with built-in features like NVIDIA GeForce NOW and NVIDIA GameStream. You can also install your own game streaming apps, such as SteamLink.

Access Hard Disks like a Boss

The Shield TV Pro includes two USB 3.0 ports that allow you to access high-quality media content from your existing hard disks. You can use a file explorer and VLC media player to access the entire library. Additionally, Shield TV supports Plex, so you can create a Plex Media Server on the device itself and stream your content over the network.

These tips, tricks, and features will enhance your experience with the 2019 Nvidia Shield TV. Whether you want to control your TV, customize buttons, or enjoy gaming and media content, the Shield TV has you covered.