1500 Watt Bluetooth Speaker Samsung Giga High Power Audio MX-T70 In Store

Bluetooth speakers can be useful accessories for smartphones and tablet, and they have quickly become louder and louder over the years. But usually not as loud as this, now that the 1500 watt Bluetooth speaker Samsung Giga High Power Audio MX-T70 is launching in late April:

The Samsung Giga High Power Audio MX-T70 is a loud party speaker more than anything else though, as we can see from the details. For instance, it has a splash proof control panel on top, though most people will probably still just rely on the controllers in the Giga Party Audio app anyway.

Other party features includes the ability pair two smartphones or tablets simultaneously, as well as a karaoke mode with a 2-mic input, and LED party lights.

On the technical side we're looking at a 1″ 12 ohm tweeter, a 5,25″ 6 ohm mid-woofer, and a 10″ 3 ohm sub-woofer located in the middle, with a total output of 1500 watts at your disposal.

– Jim Miller