15 Amazing Firefox Android Tips & Tricks

After a year of being in Beta, Mozilla has finally updated the Firefox Android browser. The update brings several new features and a fresh look. In this article, we will explore the best tips and tricks for Firefox Android.

1. Top Toolbar

Firefox now allows you to customize the position of the toolbar. Whether you prefer the address bar at the top or bottom, you can easily change it in the settings menu.

2. Quickly Open New or Private Tab

Opening a new tab in Firefox can be a bit tedious. However, you can simply long-press the tab number to access options for creating a new tab or a new private tab.

3. Switch Quickly to Private Mode

Switching to private mode is now easier than ever. Simply tap on the “Eye Masquerade” icon at the top-right corner to switch between regular and private mode.

4. Inbuilt Ad Blocking

Firefox has introduced Enhanced Tracking Protection in the new version, which blocks third-party trackers, ads, and popups. You can customize the level of protection in the settings menu.

5. Add Exceptions

If you want to see ads from certain websites, you can add them to the Exception list in the Enhanced Tracking Protection settings.

6. Switch Search Engines Temporarily

Although Firefox doesn’t allow separate search engines for normal and private mode, you can use the Shortcuts option to select a different search engine for a specific search.

7. Sync Open Tabs

You can synchronize your open tabs between the Firefox Android browser and the desktop browser by signing in on both devices. You can also use the QR code scanning feature for easy sign-in.

8. Share Tabs to Chrome

While Firefox Android doesn’t have a direct option to send tabs to other devices, you can share all open tabs at once. This is especially useful for sharing tabs with Chrome.

9. Open Links in Private

Firefox allows you to open links from other apps directly in private mode, ensuring that your browsing history remains private.

10. Allow Screenshots

By default, taking screenshots in private mode is disabled for privacy reasons. However, you can enable this feature in the settings menu if needed.

11. Background Video playback

Firefox’s new version may affect background video playback on certain websites. To work around this issue, you can open webpages as “Desktop site” to ensure smooth video playback.

12. Add-Ons

Although Firefox Android doesn’t support extensions, it offers a range of useful add-ons. For example, the Dark Reader add-on enables dark mode for all websites.

13. Turn off Data Collection

Firefox gives you the option to opt-out of data collection. You can find this option in the Privacy and Security settings menu.

14. Auto-delete Browsing Data

To ensure privacy, Firefox allows you to automatically clear your browsing data when you exit the browser. This is especially useful if you share your device with others.

15. Firefox Lockwise

Firefox Lockwise is a password manager app that integrates seamlessly with the Firefox browser. It syncs all your saved login credentials across devices, making it easy to access them.

These are just a few of the amazing tips and tricks for Firefox Android. By following these tips, you can enhance your browsing experience and make the most out of the Firefox browser.

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