10 Unique and Stylish Free Fitbit Watch Clock Faces

Fitbit offers a wide range of clock faces for its smartwatches, both free and paid. With so many options to choose from, it can be daunting to find the perfect one. But don't worry, we've got you covered. Here are 10 of the best free Fitbit clock faces that combine style and functionality.

1. Sundial

Sundial is an elegant analog watch face that also shows the second hand. It displays the date at the top and activity information at the bottom. You can customize the colors to your liking, and tapping the screen cycles through various information such as step count and calories. View Sundial by Fitbit

2. DigiChronoOctagons

DigiChronoOctagons is a dynamic digital watch face that offers a unique design. The octagons surrounding the activity items fill up as you progress towards your goals. You can customize options like enabling AM/PM and increasing the font size. If you prefer analog clocks, there's also an analog version available. View DigiChronoOctagons by New Rawlins

3. Not So Minimal

Not So Minimal is a watch face that focuses on time while also showing some information. It displays a large digital clock, followed by the full date, steps, active minutes, calories, and remaining battery. Although not customizable, it offers a nice and colorful look. View Not So Minimal by WalleNet

4. SpO2 Signature

SpO2 Signature is perfect for those who want to focus on their SpO2 levels. It displays the average value of SpO2 from your most recent sleep session, along with the highest and lowest values. Tap the screen to cycle through other information like heart rate and daily step count. View SpO2 Signature by Fitbit

5. Digilog

Digilog offers both analog and digital versions in one watch face. You can switch between them by tapping the screen. The digital version displays time, day, date, and activity information. The analog version shows a digital clock, along with the date and day. It also offers customization options for the analog clock's look. View Digilog by Partha

6. mySci-Fi Clock

mySci-Fi Clock is a versatile watch face that allows you to switch between digital and analog versions. It displays the full date, moon phases, seconds, heartbeat, battery percentage, and steps taken. You can also customize the font, colors, and clock hands. View mySci-Fi Clock by Angelo

7. Bitmoji

Bitmoji is a collaboration between Fitbit and Snap/Bitmoji. It shows a digital clock, day and date, step count, and your personalized Bitmoji avatar. The unique feature of this clock face is that your Bitmoji updates based on your activity throughout the day. You can customize the background color and date format. View Bitmoji

8. Dune's Night & Day Clock

Dune's Night & Day Clock is perfect for those who prefer an information-rich clock face during the day and a simpler one at night. It displays the month, date, temperature, weather, battery information, sunrise and sunset times, customizable activity information, and heart rate. You can reveal more information by double-tapping the corners. View Dune's Night & Day Clock by Dunekn

9. StylishBlackAnalog

StylishBlackAnalog is a classic analog watch face with a touch of modernity. It displays the day, date, battery percentage, distance covered, heart rate, and steps. You can customize the color of the hour, minute, and seconds hands. View StylishBlackAnalog by Barry DeLaczay

10. Sketchy

Sketchy is a cute and clean sketch-style clock face. It shows the digital clock, date, weather, heart rate, and activity information. You can choose to display the weather of your current location or a custom location. It also offers customization options for weather servers. View Sketchy by Igor Trua

To install these clock faces on your Fitbit device, open the Fitbit app, go to your profile, tap the Gallery button, and browse the Clocks tab. Find the desired clock face, install it, and grant the necessary permissions. You can also change the clock face directly on your Fitbit watch.

Now you can stay stylish and track your fitness with these unique clock faces for your Fitbit watch. Enjoy!