10 Solutions to Fix Alexa’s “Something Went Wrong” Message

Does your Alexa keep saying, “Sorry, something went wrong”? This issue can occur on Echo Show devices and even regular Echo devices. Here are 10 different ways to fix Alexa's “something went wrong” message.

Why is Alexa Saying Something Went Wrong?

There could be several reasons for this issue, such as:

  • A problem with your internet connection
  • A minor bug in your Echo device
  • An incompatible or buggy skill
  • Outdated Alexa app
  • An issue in the Alexa app
  • A problem in Echo settings

1. Restart Echo Device

If Alexa keeps saying something went wrong whenever you ask her something, try restarting the Echo device. Simply unplug it from the power supply for 3 minutes and then plug it back in. This may resolve the issue.

Restart Echo Device

2. Check Your Internet

Alexa often says “Sorry, something went wrong” when there is an issue with the internet. Verify whether your internet is working properly by following these troubleshoot fixes:

  • Restart your Wi-Fi modem.
  • Make sure the password of your Wi-Fi registered on the Echo device is correct.
  • Ensure your Alexa-enabled Echo device is within the range of your Wi-Fi modem.
  • Reduce Wi-Fi congestion by turning off Wi-Fi on unwanted devices.
  • Connect to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network instead of 5 GHz, or vice versa.
  • Switch to WPA2 security in Wi-Fi settings instead of WPA3.

3. Try Again After a While

Before moving to the next steps, try saying a normal command to Alexa. Sometimes, this issue is temporary and resolves itself after a few minutes.

4. Update Alexa App

Make sure to update the Alexa app installed on your phone. An outdated app may cause the Echo device to say “something went wrong.” Open the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone) and search for Alexa. Tap on the Update button.

5. Speak Clearly or Rephrase the Query

Alexa may say something went wrong if it can't hear you properly. Speak clearly and loudly, and try rephrasing your query. Be more specific in your request. For example, instead of asking “Dollar meaning,” ask Alexa, “What is the currency of the Dollar?”

6. Uninstall Problematic Skill

If you recently installed any new skills, one of them may be causing the issue. Check your Alexa skills and disable them one by one to identify the problematic one. Start with the recently installed skill.

To disable skills in the Alexa app:

  1. Tap on the More tab, followed by Skills & games.
  2. Select Your Skills.
  3. Choose the skill you want to disable and tap on the Disable Skill button.

7. Disable Brief Mode

Brief Mode is a feature that makes Alexa talk less. Although it shouldn't cause problems, turning off Brief Mode may help resolve the “something went wrong” error. To disable Brief Mode:

  1. In the Alexa app, tap on the More tab, followed by Settings.
  2. Tap on Voice Responses and disable Brief Mode.

8. Clear Cache and Data of Alexa App (Android Only)

If your Alexa-enabled Echo device is set up using an Android device, try clearing the cache and data of the Alexa app on your phone. Note that clearing data will delete the devices added to the app. You will need to set them up again.

To clear the cache and data of the Alexa app:

  1. Go to your Android phone Settings, followed by Apps. Tap on Alexa.
  2. Select Storage and press the Clear cache button, followed by Clear data.
  3. Restart your Android phone.

9. Factory Reset Echo

If Alexa still keeps saying “Sorry, something went wrong,” try factory resetting the Echo device. Press and hold the Microphone and Volume down button until the light ring turns off and on again to reset the device. Refer to the Amazon support page for the exact steps for your Echo device.

10. Deregister Echo Device

If factory resetting the device fails, you can deregister your Echo device from your Amazon account. Don't worry, as you can set it up again.

To deregister your Echo device:

  1. Go to Amazon's Manage content and devices web page.
  2. Click on Devices at the top and select your Echo device under Echo.
  3. Click on Deregister next to your Echo device.

I hope these solutions help resolve the “something went wrong” error on your Alexa device. Before you go, check out the best sleep sounds for Alexa and learn the difference between Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini.