10 Best Notion Templates for Power Users

Notion – the San Francisco-based startup that is gaining traction among users for its flexibility and modular behavior. Whether you're building a page from scratch or looking for a head start, Notion templates can help you get started quickly.

Notion Templates

Notion offers a wide range of company and community-based templates to choose from. With dozens of ready-made templates available, it can be overwhelming to navigate through them all. To make it easier for you, we have hand-picked the top ten Notion templates for power users. Let's dive in.

1. 2021 Dashboard

It's never too late to set up the perfect 2021 dashboard in Notion. This third-party template allows you to replicate every little detail about the current year. It includes household, personal, and work links, as well as goals, reading lists, and motivational quotes.

2021 Dashboard

2. Content Calendar

Track and schedule all your content with this content calendar template. Whether it's blog posts, podcasts, or tweets, you can designate authors, content types, and statuses. Each item is its own Notion page where you can store related notes, research, and multimedia.

Content Calendar

3. Company Home

Designed for HR people, the Company Home template provides a single source of truth for important information, policies, and announcements. You can easily add links to various pages and create multiple layers of information with clear pathways.

Company Home

4. Resume

Build the perfect resume on a Notion page with this template. Enable public access and share the link with your job applications. You can continuously improve your resume even after sending it out.


5. Reading List

Keep track of all the articles, videos, podcasts, and books you want to read with this reading list template. Use the Notion Web Clipper extension to send articles directly to your Notion page.

Reading List

6. Exercise Routine

Track your exercise progress and build healthy habits with this template. Start fresh each week and move completed tasks to the archive page. Motivate yourself to keep going with this habit tracker.

Exercise Routine

7. Trip Itinerary

Keep track of important travel details such as packing lists, flight itineraries, and hotel information with this trip itinerary template. Stay organized and never miss any important information.

Trip Itinerary

8. Blogging Manager

Manage all stages of writing blog posts with this comprehensive blogging manager template. Plan posts, manage guest posting, and keep track of progress and upcoming posts.

Blogging Manager

9. Investment Tracker

Keep track of your investments and portfolio with this investment tracker template. Get a perfect overview of your investments and make informed decisions.

Investment Tracker

10. Personal Finances

Track your expenses with this personal finance template. Add dates, categories, account types, and amounts to keep a record of your spending. Calculate the sum of expenses at the bottom of the page.

Personal Finances

Use Notion Like a Pro With Templates

With these top ten Notion templates, you can take your productivity to the next level. Explore the templates and start using Notion like a pro.