Xbox Sales (+355 Games) And Amazon Fire Tablet Sales For Father’s Day Until June 16/17

For Father's Day 2018, Amazon have initiated sales campaigns on all the Fire tablets, which now starts at $39 until June 16.

This Father's Day sale also extends to Kindle ereaders as well as other Amazon devices like smart speakers and TV devices. So for the next few days, the 7-inch Fire costs $39, the 8-inch Fire HD 8 costs $59, and the pretty good 10.1-inch Fire HD 10 costs $119.

Meanwhile over at the Microsoft Store there aren't any new tablet deals for Father's Day thought there are some sales running from before. Instead, Microsoft Store have decided the celebrate play and not work, by having Xbox sales until June 17.

These June Xbox sales are on Xbox items ranging from sales on consoles like Xbox One X, Xbox One S, or on controllers like from the design lab or from one of the many premade editions like Combat Tech Special Edition, Minecraft Pig, and I'd say above all – there's a sale on Xbox games, 355 of them in fact, so that should cover the preference of just about everyone.

June Xbox Sales
– Tom Bowen