Wondershare FotoPhire Toolkit: An Easy and Fun Photo Editing Tool

I recently returned from a vacation and couldn't wait to show my friends the pictures I took. However, upon reviewing them, I noticed some unwanted elements in the background, like a broken branch or a photobombing boat. I wished I had learned Photoshop to fix these issues. But then I discovered FotoPhire, a toolkit software that claimed to make photo editing simple and professional. I decided to put it to the test.

FotoPhire Toolkit Review

FotoPhire Toolkit offers three essential tools: a Photo Editor, a Photo Cutter, and a Photo Eraser. The Photo Editor allows you to enhance your pictures with various effects and adjustments. The Photo Cutter lets you crop images and cut out specific objects. And the Photo Eraser helps you remove unwanted elements from your photos.

The Photo Editor

The photo editor is user-friendly and doesn't overwhelm beginners like me with too many options. It has all the essential features needed for intermediate level photo editing. I was able to instantly see the before and after effects side by side, thanks to the thoughtful interface. I could easily rotate images, crop them for different social media platforms, and make color adjustments to achieve the desired look. The editor also offers control over every aspect of the image, making it stand out from other similar software. Additionally, I could add textures to give my portraits a more aesthetic appeal.

The Photo Cutter

The Photo Cutter tool simplifies the cropping process and allows for precise cutting. I wanted to have some fun by editing an image, cutting out people, and placing them on a different background. With FotoPhire, I could easily select the areas to keep or remove using markers. Although it took a little longer than expected due to some lag, the tool eventually processed the image and presented me with a cutout PNG within seconds. I was impressed with the results when I placed the cutout on a photo montage.

And Finally, the Photo Eraser

The Photo Eraser tool made removing unwanted elements from the background a breeze. I could choose from different tools, such as a rectangular tool, a lasso, a polygonal shape, or a marker, to paint the areas I wanted to erase. While the initial results were not perfect, I could easily correct them using the clone option to blend the background seamlessly. Overall, the Photo Eraser tool proved to be quite useful.


After testing each tool in the FotoPhire Toolkit, here is my review:

  • Foto Editor: The Foto Editor works well, especially with its before and after preview feature. While similar features can be found in Instagram, FotoPhire offers a wider range of effects and textures, making it stand out.

  • Foto Cutter: This tool simplifies the cropping process and is suitable for beginners. The ability to fill areas to keep or remove is commendable.

  • Foto Eraser: Although the Photo Eraser tool is fully automated, it lacks the option to choose reference points, which can lead to mistakes. However, these can be corrected using the clone tool. I hope future updates will refine this feature for better results.

In terms of pricing, FotoPhire offers a 7-day free trial, allowing users to familiarize themselves with the software. However, edited images during the trial period come with a watermark. The lifetime license price of $79 seems justified compared to a monthly Photoshop subscription. The software is easy to use, lightweight, and offers good value for money.


  • Easy to use
  • Automatic features
  • Lightweight


  • Inaccuracy at times
  • Watermark on trial images
  • Lack of “Apply” option for previewing changes

In conclusion, FotoPhire Toolkit is a decent software that fulfills its promises. It makes the process of cutting and erasing pictures enjoyable and offers unique features in the editor. Although there is room for improvement, particularly in the automated eraser tool, I can confidently recommend FotoPhire to others. It simplifies the editing process and provides total control over every aspect of your images.