Windows 10 Amazon Music App And Service Launched Today

The Amazon Music app for Windows 10 was launched in Microsoft App Store today, where this 127MB app is available for download in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain and Japan to begin with.

The reason for the limited international rollout has to do with the app being tied to the national Amazon stores. Though if you live in any other country, it may be possible to download the app if you tweak your regional settings in Windows and then update your regional settings in your Amazon profile too.

There is after all a 30 day free trial of Amazon Music Unlimited for those who’ve never used it before, and Amazon Music is in itself available in 30+ countries.

Amazon Music have all the regular music service features, ranging from listening to personalized radio, to active listening of recommendations, search by similar music and genre music, offline playback, and even Alexa integration.
Windows 10 Music App
– Tom Bowen