Wacom Launches eDocument Specific Tablets

Wacom have announced the launch of two new versions of a new large customer desk, education, and eDocument tablet with model numbers DTK-2451 and DTH-2452.

Despite being Wacom tablets, they are not the typical professional graphic drawing tablets. DTK-2451 is a pen-only version, while the DTH-2452 is the pen and touch version. And they are both specialized tablets for either writing on or going through digital documents with others, or to create a good eDocument-workflow in the words of Wacom.

In the screen department, the tablets are 24-inch in screen size with a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080, and 2048 pressure levels with a 16ms respons time from the pen.

The tablets have encryption for eSignatures included, 4 customizable ExpressKeys that can be set up as shortcuts, and some normal tablet ports like USB, HDMI, and display ports.

And now the weight. Want to guess what this 24-inch tablet weighs? Turns out, it weighs 7.2kg without the stand, but then again it’s 46mm thick too. That firmly places it outside of the portable tablet category, even though this is a tablet in every other form factor.

So this is one tablet best suited for desks.

– Tom Bowen

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