USB Cables With LED Lights Now From $2.99

Among the many tablet accessories there's a lot of small and large accessories that people have never heard of but that are still either useful or at least interesting to know about the existence of.

One such tablet accessory are USB cables with light built into the end of the cable.

There are a couple of variations of USB light cables, where some have a regular micro flashlight LED at the end of the cable with a on/off switch on it, while other USB light cables have light glows around the end of the the cable.

USB Cables LED Light

Depending on the type of light effect on these USB cables, they can be used to indicate that something is charging, to indicate that a cable is connected at a particular end, to find a USB port in low light, to find the end of a USB cable in the middle of the night, or if several USB light cables are all clustered in a mess, different colors on the lights will show what cable is connected to and from where.

And strangely enough, having the benefit of a LED light on the USB cable doesn't seem to add much to the cost as these USB LED cables start at $2.99 from the international tablet stores. USB connection types range from micro-USB to USB C.

USB Cable With LED Light
– Jim Miller