Amazon Now Offers Unlimited Cloud Storage For Pictures

Amazon announced unlimited cloud storage of pictures for Amazon Prime members today, with Prime Photos. The announcement comes just one week after Microsoft announced unlimited cloud storage for Office 365 subscribers.

It just goes to show how Microsoft and Amazon are both Internet and technology companies, eating into each others markets. And this development will continue, with more Internet and data services coming out from both parties over the next six months to the benefit of its users.

This service with unlimited cloud storage of photos on Prime Photos begins now today on Tuesday November 4th. Photos can be upload from any device, whether they are mobile phones, Android tablets, Windows tablets, iPad’s, Mac’s or other computers.

Photo collections can then be viewed on a long range of additional devices, including TV’s and Playstation 3 and 4, though you may need a Fire TV stick if you don’t have one of the newest edition smart-TV’s.

– Jim Miller

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