Top 20 iPad Apps Of May

With 300 million iPads sold in the world, there's no shortage of apps for Apple's legendary tablets now either. And with two iPad Pro tablets on the market by now, no matter how small a dent their sales make up of the overall iPad market, have owners become more productive on their iPads as of May 2016 or what are the top 20 apps downloaded to iPads?

To find out, we broke down the 10 most downloaded free iPad apps and the 10 most downloaded paid iPad apps in the US the last week.

Top 10 free iPad apps:

This is the most popular iPad app right now, a snake game that was updated last month, which probably explains it current download popularity.

#2 Angry Birds Action!
Angry Birds never die, and the latest Action! version updated today is no exception.

#3 YouTube
The YouTube app is unsurprisingly in third place among free apps.

#4 iTunes U
The classroom app. An app that may not be liked much, but that's popular because of the widespread use of iPads in education.

#5 Disney Crossy Road
A Mickey Mouse Minecraft version.

#6 Loop Drive 2
Yes this game is what you think it is. But it can still be an addictive way to improve your timing skills. And it's free.

Loop Drive 2

#7 Netflix
And besides, Apple's own apps are installed already.

#8 Messenger – Facebook, Inc.
Facebook Messenger as a separate app is of course among the top 10 apps on iPad.

#9 War Tortoise
One of the newer games that have become popular.

#10 Facebook
The Facebook app and the Messenger app are separate, which makes Facebook the only company with two apps on the top 10 list of free apps.

Things are a little bit different among the top 10 paid iPad apps, with half of the downloads being the newest edition of titles that have been going strong for a long time, and the other half being a little more new entries.

#1 Minecraft: Pocket Edition
This game is equally popular across all tablet OS's and has been on the top of the list for month after month, even at $6.99, which is more than most other popular games on iOS.

#2 Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Tracks of Terror – A Hidden Object Adventure
Another hit from Big Fish Games, at almost 1GB in size.

iPad games 2016

#3 Minecraft: Story Mode
The Story Mode offers an alternative for those who want a different form of Minecraft.

Apple games

#4 My PlayHome Hospital
This is an interactive non-competitive hospital game with book-like illustrations.

#5 Geometry Dash
A dash platform game which has been among the most popular games on all operating systems for years now.

#6 Sago Mini Robot Party
An innocent little game for children between 2-5, that has been very popular on Windows too for 6 months.

#7 Five Nights at Freddy's
A very popular “horror” game, though with 12+ rating.

#8 The Infinite Arcade by Tinybop
This is a sort of game generator, that can create platform, adventure, pinball, ball and paddle games, text puzzlers, as well as mazes.

#9 Procreate – Sketch, paint, create
So it's not all games then, with this highly rated sketching, painting and illustration app created for iPads, with canvas support up to 8192 x 4096 resolution on iPad Air 2 and higher.

Apple itunes apps Tabletmonkeys

#10 Bloons TD 5 HD
A 50 tracks and 250 missions game with lots of things to do all over the game.

Angry Birds

– Tom Bowen