The Best Tablets And 2-In1’s Of May (Updated)

This is the list of the best tablets and 2-in-1’s of May, when all you want is simply the best tablet or 2-in-1 in each size category, without caring about the cost. Out “best of tablet” list takes anything from speed and power, to displays, size, build quality, battery life, and other essential specs that are important for a tablet, into consideration.

Only one tablet is listed in each size category, starting with the largest all the way down to the smallest on the market in the first week of May. The single-core and multi-core benchmarks scores are from Geekbench 4. As a general rule, the higher the number the faster the performance.

The newest tablets on this list are the new iPad Pro tablets, which just got new features and a tiny power upgrade.

Both the Surface Go and Surface Book 2 would have been on this list too had they not been about to get replaced by their successors any week now.

UPDATE: Both the new 10.5-inch Surface Go 2 and the 13.5-inch and 15-inch Surface Book 3 were announced on May 6, and will be added to this list once we have the definitive benchmarks.

The best tablets and 2-in-1 of May 2020

Size Price OS Single-Core Multi-Core
13 $899 Windows 10 3,535 11,670

Apple iPad Pro 12.9
The new iPad Pro 12.9 may be even more powerful than the top model of the Surface Pro 7, but with a larger screen and a decent price tag considering its performance. Launched on March 25, now with a slightly more powerful GPU and 6GB LPDDR4X RAM as standard for all models.

Size Price OS Single-Core Multi-Core
12.9 $999 iPadOS 5,035 18,325

Microsoft Surface Pro 7
The much evolved Windows 10 tablet is now better than ever before, and finally has a USB C port as well. It has anything from an award winning display, to snappy performance, a long list of accessories, to good warranties.

Size Price OS Single-Core Multi-Core
12.3 $675 Windows 10 4,775 9,265
12.3 $1299 Windows 10 5,710 19,200

Google Pixel Slate
This Chrome OS 2-in-1 tablet is becoming cheap for the Intel Core m3 model, but also has two other processor options for those in need of something more powerful. The least powerful is listed first, and the most powerful last.

Size Price OS Single-Core Multi-Core
12.3 $445 Chrome 3,230 5,660
12.3 $1129 Chrome 4,155 8,120

Apple iPad Pro 11
The most powerful iPad together with the larger 12.9 model, which has anything from quad speakers to great digitizer feel. Released on March 25, with a more powerful GPU and 6GB LPDDR4X RAM as standard on all storage models.

Size Price OS Single-Core Multi-Core
11 $799 iPadOS 5,035 18,325

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
The most powerful Android tablet on the market in April, with great specs in every area and a functionality that makes Samsung’s flagship tablet appeal to a wide range of customers with different usage scenarios.

Size Price OS Single-Core Multi-Core
10.5 $619 Android 9.0 3,505 10,950

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G

Apple iPad Air 10.5
Light, slim, powerful, relatively cheap, good specs, and support for some keyboards, makes this iPad worth considering for a iPad 2-in-1 setup.

Size Price OS Single-Core Multi-Core
10.5 $459 iPadOS 4,815 11,485

Apple iPad Air 10.5

Chuwi Hi10 X
This 10.1-inch Windows 2-in-1 tablet is a good alternative to the Surface Go, with a slightly larger screen, stiffer keyboard, and different performance.

Size Price OS Single-Core Multi-Core
10.1 $229 Windows 10 1,805 5,240

Chuwi Hi10 X

Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen 8.0 (2019)
A very user friendly tablet with Samsung’s S Pen digitizer/stylus, and enough power for the tasks that an 8-inch tablet will be put through.

Size Price OS Single-Core Multi-Core
8 $269 Android 9.0 1,325 4,155

Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen 8.0 (2019) Tablet SM-P200 SM-P205

Apple iPad mini 5
The newest iPad mini 5 is a pocket rocket that’s powerful enough to shame many laptops, a fact that’s still lost on many. And now that it has support for the Apple Pencil digitizer, it is even more attractive. Optional keyboards are also available.

Size Price OS Single-Core Multi-Core
7.9 $349 iPadOS 4,810 11,480

Amazon Fire 7
While there are other 7-inch Android 9.0 tablets on the market today for under $100, they still tend to fail on too short battery life, and as strange as it may seem, the Fire 7 is actually the most powerful 7-inch tablet in March based on the benchmark scores.

Size Price OS Single-Core Multi-Core
7 $49 Fire OS 640 1,810

– Jim Miller

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