Tabletmonkeys provides breaking news, rumors, and reporting on tablet leaks well before the official details are made public. We rely on anonymous submissions from readers in the know at tablet manufacturers and supply chain companies as well as industry insiders at partner retailers and carriers.

If you have any credible leaks, images, specs, pricing, release date estimates or anything else the tablet world needs to know, submit it anonymously using our email below. Please provide as much detail and documentation as possible so we can verify the legitimacy of the leak. Doing so will increase the likelihood we publish your leak or rumor!

What We Accept:

– Details on unannounced tablet models with estimated release dates and new features
– Dates, locations, and details of tablet launch events and announcements
– Tablet specs sheets including screen size, resolution, processor model, RAM capacity, battery life estimates
– Studio images revealing design aspects invisible in leaked photos
– Schematics, CAD renders, prototype images
– Internal estimates on tablet pricing for various storage configurations

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