Excited about iOS 18? Here’s why skipping the first beta could be smart

Should I Skip IOS 18 Beta Update

Apple will show off many new things in iOS 18 today at WWDC 2024. There will be a smarter Siri and a Control Center you can change more. But it might be best to wait before putting the first beta on your device.

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg says this. He is usually right about Apple stuff. He thinks a lot of iOS 18 things were added at the last minute. This means the first betas will probably have a lot of bugs.

Apple will likely follow its normal timeline. There will be an iOS 18 beta for developers this week. Anyone can get this if they sign up for a free Apple developer account. The final version will come out in September for everyone. A public beta will be available sometime before that. Anyone can choose to install this beta.

Should I Skip IOS 18 Beta Update (2)

Lots of people will want to put the beta versions on their devices right away. They will want to try out the new iOS 18 features. But it might be smart to wait a bit. This is especially true if you want to install it on your main device that you use every day.

Bridging the gap

Gurman said before that some AI things in iOS 18 will have beta labels. They will all be called “Apple Intelligence.” Beta means they are not done yet and still being worked on.

Apple does not usually put out features that are not finished. But it is feeling pressure from ChatGPT, Copilot, and AI in new Samsung and Google phones.

Apple doesn't want to fall behind. People think Apple made a deal with OpenAI. This would let them use ChatGPT in iOS 18. It seems like Siri can't be a full chatbot yet. But Apple probably won't want to use ChatGPT for a long time.

Everything will be shown in a little while. Of course, we at TechRadar will report on WWDC 2024 as it happens. It starts at 10am PT, 1pm ET, and 6pm BST. For those in Australia, that is 3am AEST on June 11. If you want to watch, read our article on how to see WWDC 2024.