Seven New Apple iPad Model Numbers Officially Registered Today

Apple has registered new models of iPad through the Eurasian import register, which has been standard procedure the last couple of years before Apple unveils new iPads.

Today's iPad news was reported by MacRumors earlier today, who also believes that the coded model numbers for the new iPads may indicate that these are two different iPads.

iPad leaks and rumors have been less accurate in 2020 than before, so it's hard to be sure what iPads we should expect, though a replacement for the 10.2-inch iPad is believed to be unveiled in September. The iPad mini was cut by $50 two weeks ago, but that still wasn't taken as a sign that the iPad mini will be succeeded soon.

The model number that were registered for the new iPads today are A2270, A2316, A2324, A2325, A2428, and A2429.

These model numbers could theoretically all belong to the same iPad too, as the same model of an iPad can get distinctive model numbers for something like the Chinese market.

September is just a few days away though, so if a new iPad is on the doorstep, we should expect some more leaks in the last week before the unveiling.

– Tom Bowen