Samsung X5 Portable External SSD Storage Launch September 5 With Thunderbolt 3 And 500GB, 1TB, 2TB Options

Samsung is launching a portable SSD storage with Thunderbolt 3 on September 5 called Samsung X5, with storage options ranging from 500GB, to 1TB and 2TB:

Because of the high speeds of this external storage unit, it will be sought after among people who really need fast upload, download, or search speeds. As a NVMe SSD storage unit with Thunderbolt 3, it can perform at up to 2300 MB/s in terms of write speed, and up to 2800 MB/s in read speed. Of course, the Thunderbolt can handle up to 40 GB/s, but the NVMe is what handles large files at high speeds on the SSD storage.

Over 4 full DVD’s or a 20GB file can be transferred to the Samsung X5 in 12 seconds. So that’s under 3 seconds pr DVD. I bet more people wish they had bought a tablet with Thunderbolt now.

Samsung X5 Portable External SSD Storage

Other internal specs worth mentioning is that due to the lack of moving parts, it has a heat sink that keeps it cool, and it has 256-bit AES encryption.

The external design is interesting too, as Samsung have provided it with a anti-slip mat underneath so that it won’t fall off a table or something like that without being forced a lot, and since it lacks moving parts on the inside and it’s reinforced with magnesium alloy, the Samsung X5 can actually withstand drops of 2 meters / 6 feet.

Samsung X5 OS compatibility supports basically anything from far back, including old Windows 7, Android 4.4, Mac OS 10.9, and up to the latest version of these operating systems. The price for the Samsung X5 begins at $399.

– Tom Bowen