Samsung Q2 Earnings Reports Pick Up Of Foldable Panels For Second Half Of 2018

Samsung announced its second quarter earnings report today, and with that some of its forward guidance too, providing a sneak peek into Samsung's belief in the impact of their new technologies.

Chief among them those interested in mobile technologies, is the launch of the new Note smartphone next week, but also that while Samsung did mention slow adoption of flexible OLED displays hurting their flexible OLED panel sales as a supplier in Q2, Samsung believes that for the second half of 2018, sales of flexible OLED panels will pick up, as Samsung states it will: “reinforce product competency of to-be-launched new product lineups including foldable panels.”

So we are getting closer to foldable tablets, though not all flexible panels will be made for just foldable tablets.

Samsung will also improve upon its LCD panels, including high-end panels for 8K TV's during the second half of 2018, though competition from rivals will remain strong.

The South Korean electronics giant also mentioned that demand for Samsung tablets and smartphones grew slightly from Q1 to Q2.

Samsung’s Flexible OLED Display Verified As Unbreakable

– Jim Miller