Quiet Typing Wireless HP 460 Keyboard Launch October 16th

HP unveiled a couple of new tablet and computer peripherals this week, which includes the new quiet typing HP 460 multi-device keyboard which is launching on October 16th:

The HP 460 Multi-Device Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard has gone in a different direction than that from Apple and Microsoft, who have focused on ultra thin keyboards even for the desktop environment for years now.

So the HP 460 keyboard has a very typical traditional keyboard thickness of 20mm instead, before we include the height of the keys. But there is still one difference, which is that the keys are more more like laptop keys and tablet keyboard keys, with a 2.5mm key travel which makes them faster to type on than the traditional desktop keyboards.

HP 460 Keyboard
HP 460 Keyboard

As a wireless keyboard, the HP 460 keyboard is compatible with Windows, macOS, iPadOS, Android, and Chrome OS, and has a dedicated space on the top right of the keyboard for switching between up to 3 paired devices, so users can switch between their desktop, tablet, and smartphone, with the click of the button.

The keyboard connects through the Bluetooth 5.3 standard with AES 128 bits encryption.

Features includes spill-resistance, a numpad, 12 programmable buttons for shortcuts, and promises of a 2-year battery life from AAA batteries. So this is actually a wireless keyboard that doesn’t feature rechargeable batteries for a change.

– Jim Miller

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