PaperLike – A Screen Sheet That Makes Writing On Apple iPad Pro’s Feel Like Writing On Paper Crowdfunded

Jan Sapper have just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for Apple iPad Pro’s that immediately got backed 10 times more than he needed.

And it was for a simple, yet still very useful product called PaperLike, which can be thought of as a screen protector put on top of any of the Apple iPad Pro tablets that makes writing with a stylus on the screen, now feel and act paper like.

It seems like the right approach. Because tablet manufacturers have tried in many ways to make the stylus be in charge of the paper feel, while mainly keeping the screens smooth and glossy. When a touchscreen on a tablet is used and touched without a stylus that usually makes the most sense, but when used with a stylus, there are many benefits of having the paper feel instead, such as better stroke control and even smoother palm movements against the screen.

Apple iPad Pro Paper Matte Screen Protector

So in effect, the PaperLike is a matte screen protector for iPad Pro 9.7 and iPad Pro 12.9 that reduces glare and gives you more of a paper writing feel. Various screen protectors for tablets already exists in glossy and matte finishes, but none that I know of have been made to provide the paper feel and usefulness in particular, for iPad Pro. And the immedite full backing seems to reflect that and the need for it.

iPad Pro Paper Matte Screen Protector

– Jim Miller

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