Office 365 Subscribers Get Unlimited Cloud Storage And New Services

Yesterday Microsoft announced that all Office 365icon customers will from now on get unlimited OneDrive cloud storage. The first one who got this are customers of Office 365 Home, Personal, and University, and the roll out of the unlimited cloud storage will continue over the next month until everyone has it, including OneDrive for Business in 2015.

Then at TechEd Europe in Barcelona today Microsoft announced further developments for Office by opening Office 365 to programmers, who are developing more ways to integrate with Office 365.

And it looks like Microsoft is developing Office in the direction that users wants, since the API's that Microsoft launched for Office 365 are for email, files, calendar, and contacts. But API's for tasks and more will be available to developers soon as well.


One of the first companies that will start using these available API's is IFTTT (If This Then That), which will enable triggering of actions based on all kinds of events.

And Microsoft is encouraging and accommodating more than just Windows and Linux developers to build services for Office 365 with the availability of Visual Studio software development kits (SDK) for Android and Apple iOS devices.

So the bottom line is that Office 365 will become increasingly useful on a personal basis over the next six month, through a range of new services and applications. This is exactly what Office 365 have been short on, so Microsoft's announcement today sounds very promising.

– Tom Bowen