Nintendo Switch Gaming Tablet And Console In Store Ahead Of Launch

The Nintendo Switch gaming tablet and console have just appeared in store ahead of launch. Ever since Nintendo unveiled the Nintendo Switch on October 20, millions of people have indicated that they would be willing to cut off their right arm to get hold of the Nintendo Switch, so we know it's popular:

So does that mean that the Nintendo Switch gaming tablet and console will be released earlier than then original March launch date that was announced in the press release?

It certainly would make sense when we look at the interest that Nintendo have experienced with the Nintendo Switch. Not to mention that it would make a lot of sense to release a fun device such as this before Christmas.

But then on the other hand Nintendo themselves haven't updated the public on the release date after they announced it and teased this tablet to a world audience. But I think we can all agree that they should just release it already or at least let us know the price and give us a chance to preorder it.

(UPDATE: The store page for the Nintendo Switch have changed since this article was first published.)
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– Jim Miller