Nikon D7500 On Sale In Time For The Summer

Nikon's lovely Nikon D7500 is one sale for the summer, where the price is cut by $300:

That's pretty good in today's inflation environment for a Nikon camera that had a launch price of $1249, just for the body alone.

Nikon's kit lenses are usually always good DSLR camera objectives, so on that account the Nikon D7500 + 16-80mm is also a good value proposition, unless you have that smooth gliding lens already.

Nikon D7500
Nikon D7500

Nikon D7500 with this lens is particularly good for taking pictures used in some of our product reviews and tests, since it's able to capture lit up tablet screens, while still capturing the right background light and colors at the same time, so that it all blends together nicely.

And since it doesn't weigh much for a DSLR, it's a good camera to carry around on trade shows and events for hours and hours too, while still making me feel energetic afterwards. Attaching a hand strap is also a good tip for those occasions.

– Jim Miller