Next In Foldables: No Digitizer Pen On Upcoming Galaxy Fold 2 – LG To Develop Stretchable Displays By 2024

The first specs leaks for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 were made with the claim that Samsung had developed a new S Pen for it, which was welcomed by many, since this would have been a great companion for a very productive tablet phone.

But the latest Samsung insider sources have now told the Korean magazine The Elec that the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 which is expected to launch in August, will not feature a S Pen digitizer, saying that the cover glass must be developed in a thinner version first that will still be able to withstand the wear and tear of folding repeatedly, in addition to the wear and tear of an digitizer pen on top of that.

But the same sources also says optimistically that if thin enough materials can be proven as durable on a foldable with a digitizer pen, Samsung may launch such a device as early as Q4 2020.

In related news on foldables, LG also announced today it has been assigned the national task of designing a stretchable display by 2024, that can stretch as much as 20%.

Stretchable displays like that could be used to develop something even beyond the design of the foldables we have started to become accustomed with already.

– Tom Bowen